L. "Wichi" Guevara is a Rio Grande Valley, Texas Artist with over 20 years as an artist, instructor and  muralist. He continues to design and paint many murals throughout South Texas and abroad. One prime example is a mural created in Europe for a local client.  Most murals include local youth involvement of all ages.

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L. "Wichi" Guevara, a Southern Texas Regional Artist,  and has achieved a B.A. from T.A.& M.Univ.- Corpus Christi in 1985 as well as Masters Degree from Texas A & M at Kingsville in 1996. His mural paintings are throughout all the Region of the Rio Grande Valley. This native Texan and Brownsville-born artist has headed local community programs to combat Graffiti by educating youth on the impact that art can have in their lives. In 1997 a Summer Art Program called M.A.P. (Muralists Art Program) was in direct alliance with the Brownsville Police Department.

L. "Wichi" Guevara provides Valley-wide mural design and painting services anywhere he is invited or sought out to be commissioned.  Murals not only beautify indoor/outdoor walls for this Mexican-American Muralist, but display opportunities for our youth to be fired up about the Visual Arts. The present-day exposure will offer an outlet of educating the local public and visitors on the potential ideas of a City's historical heritage, or a clients' wishes through artistic themes.